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Facts and Tips

  1. flower-02.jpgFlowers from Ecuador are recognized around the world as the absolute best. They are grown right on the equator at the perfect height in the Andes mountains, where the sunlight and temperature are perfect for growing roses year round.

  2. Flowers purchased from us will arrive extremely fresh, arriving  at your doorstep only 4 days after being cut in Ecuador, allowing you to enjoy them for much longer!

  3. Upon receiving your flowers, they should be removed from the packaging, cut and placed in water immediately.  They should also be re-cut and given fresh water every two days.

  4. If you don’t see the variety you are looking for, just ask!  We have access to many flowers and should be able to find the perfect flower for you!

  5. We supply wholesale florists, supermarkets, large retail florists, hotels & casinos around the world.  Our clients can be found in Moscow, Paris, New York, Dubai, L.A. and Amsterdam!