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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Have a question? Check here first, as we are constantly updating our Import Flowers Direct Frequently Asked Questions section.

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Question: How are these flowers delivered?

Flowers are overnighted while chilled via FedEx.

Question: Where do you ship to?

We ship to anywhere in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

Question: Why are the flowers so cheap?

We can sell such high quality flowers at such a cheap price because we have completely eliminated the middle man. In most cases, wholesalers would buy the flowers from our farm, then sell them to smaller florists and then they would sell them to you, each time the flowers switch hands, the price gets marked up. With importflowersdirect.com, you are able to pay the base price that floral wholesalers pay!

Question: When will I get my flowers?

After you enter your shipping information, you are brought to a calendar where you can select a delivery date, the schedule below shows the earliest possible delivery date based on the ordering date.

The arrival of your roses depends on the day you order them, the schedule is as follows:
• If an order is placed on a Monday, the roses will be delivered on Friday
• If an order is placed on a Tuesday, the roses will be delivered the following Tuesday
• If an order is placed on a Wednesday, the roses will be delivered on Tuesday
• If an order is placed on a Thursday, the roses will be delivered on Tuesday
• If an order is placed on a Friday, the roses will be delivered on Wednesday
• If an order is placed on Saturday, the roses will be delivered on Thursday
• If an order is placed on a Sunday, the roses will be delivered on Thursday

Although this may seem like a long delivery period to some, your flowers will actually arrive much fresher than if you were to buy them at a local florist. The average florist sells flowers that are 10-14 days old, while our flowers arrive at your doorstep only 4 days after being cut in Ecuador, allowing you to enjoy them for much longer!

Please note that while FedEx will guarantee a specific delivery date, they will not guarantee a specific delivery time.  If ordering roses for an event, we suggest having them arrive 2-3 days prior to the event date.  As long as they are kept in water and in a cool place, they will be in perfect condition for your event!

Question: How will they be delivered?

All of our flowers are delivered via FedEx directly to your doorstep in a large floral box.

Question: What if I'm not happy with my order?

If you are not happy with your order once it arrives, contact us via e-mail within 24 hours of the delivery and we will be happy to provide you with whatever assistance you may need.  Please be sure to include photos of the flowers in the e-mail.