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"I love Import Flowers Direct. I use them for all of my wedding and event flower needs. They provide great quality at an unbeatable price!

Vanessa Vastano , Metropolitan Plant Exchange

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Our flowers are fresh from the farm in Ecuador. When you make your order, we ship them quickly via Federal Express to ensure freshness.

Wholesale Flowers for Weddings & Evnts

At we strive to bring the world’s best flowers to your door in the quickest & most cost efficient way.  Nothing compares to the quality of our flowers that are grown in Ecuador, right on the equator at optimal height and temperature.  We have eliminated the middle man in order to bring costs down for you.  When your order is received at our farm in Ecuador, the flowers are cut and packaged just for you.  They are then shipped directly from the farm to your door.  We do not keep a warehouse or any back stock of flowers, ensuring that your flowers are always cut to order.

  • Our flowers are perfect for weddings, parties, and all sorts of events. 
  • Wholesale Roses in Bulk
  • Wholesale Flowers for weddings and events
  • Wholesale rainbow roses
  • The ordering process is simple and quick, allowing you to select exactly what you want and have it delivered directly to your door. 
  • Florists from Dubai to New York agree, the world’s best flowers come from Ecuador, order today and find out for yourself!